Working with Prea Polymers Consultancy and Recruiter

We have recently agreed to work with Prea Polymers Consultancy and Recruiter on an ad hoc cross referral basis and we would like to share with you some information about their services. Prea are owned and run by our ex client, Pravin Mistry. For more information visit Prea's website and view flyer about their services.

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Jo Larbie – Sponsorship vs. Mentoring

Speaking to an audience of accountants and lawyers recently, specialist in developing high potential leaders Jo Larbie was surprised to hear a panel member, in response to the question “What’s the difference between sponsorship and mentoring?”, say that “they’re interchangeable.”  Confusion between the two is a common mistake made by both firms and individuals.  Evidence suggests that both can, in [...]

Anne Isaacs – Facing up to the Future: How To Successfully Adapt Our Careers To Fit In With Changes in Our Lives

Our Executive Director, Anne Isaacs, reflects on how we can respond successfully to the changes in our lives that affect the way we work, our career, and be flexible enough to make the best of the impermanence that characterises the modern working environment. At the risk of sounding like a voice from the Ark, the world of work has changed [...]

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