Alina Addison and Zoë Blake – Workshop taster on Managing Your Personal Brand

Straight line careers with a single or small number of employers are increasingly unusual – working lives are getting longer, rigid expectations of age and stage are being shaken up and multi-stage careers with multiple transitions are becoming ever more common.

Thriving in this new landscape brings new challenges: being flexible in your thinking, being clear in the messages that you are projecting, regularly refreshing your profile and being ready to actively present both yourself and your proposition in the best and most focused way via your CV, online and in person.

Participants talking

This concept gave us a very good topic, Managing your Personal Brand, for a lively and interactive discussion at our workshop taster and networking event yesterday evening. Our participants enjoyed the ‘refreshingly honest’ style of presentation by Alina Addison and Zoë Blake and welcomed the thought provoking session to focus their thinking of their own personal brand.

We are planning further workshops on the topic – if you are interested, please contact Alexandra Pack on

Participants talking