‘Eye-opener’ Half Day Workshop on Emotional Intelligence with Heather and Alina

‘Well-articulated, efficient eye-opener session which provides strong personal feedback and paths for improvement’ – said a participant about our Half Day Emotional Intelligence Workshop that Heather Greatrex and Alina Addison have facilitated on Wednesday. We are delighted for the positive feedback we are getting for our sessions! View our upcoming workshop dates here and, if you are interested, please get [...]

Zoë Blake and Alina Addison – ‘Very practical’ workshop on Managing Your Personal Brand

We had another successful workshop yesterday evening at our offices. The event was facilitated by Zoë Blake and Alina Addison. Our active participants described the event as: 'all relevant'; 'very practical'; 'engaging style' and 'thought provoking'.   Following from the popularity of the event, we are organising another workshop on the topic on 8 November. If you are interested in [...]

A networking event and a workshop taster on Emotional Intelligence with Heather Greatrex and Alina Addison

Our fourth workshop taster on Emotional Intelligence was facilitated by Heather Greatrex and Alina Addison. The thought provoking discussion around what it takes to be a leader was followed by a relaxed networking. Thank you for the superb feedback for our participants.   You can view our upcoming workshops here, if you are interested in joining us, please contact Alexandra [...]

Alina Addison and Zoë Blake – Workshop taster on Managing Your Personal Brand

Straight line careers with a single or small number of employers are increasingly unusual - working lives are getting longer, rigid expectations of age and stage are being shaken up and multi-stage careers with multiple transitions are becoming ever more common. Thriving in this new landscape brings new challenges: being flexible in your thinking, being clear in the messages that [...]

Heather Greatrex and Alina Addison – Discussion about Emotional Intelligence over Breakfast

On 8th February, Alina Addison and Heather Greatrex presented a successful session over breakfast on Emotional Intelligence in the scope of our workshop taster event. Alina and Heather shared insights about the importance Emotional Intelligence and how it is relevant to a leader. We enjoyed the company of our guests and we hope we will see you all again soon. If you have any queries [...]

Zoë Blake – Does more empathy mean more profit for businesses?

Zoë Blake looks at the business case for making company culture more empathic. A number of recent broadsheet and business press articles, perhaps triggered by the publication of a book on the subject by Satya Nadella (CEO of Microsoft), have discussed the evidence for whether bottom-line benefits can be derived from increased empathy in the workplace. For a variety of [...]

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Jo Larbie – Sponsorship vs. Mentoring

Speaking to an audience of accountants and lawyers recently, specialist in developing high potential leaders Jo Larbie was surprised to hear a panel member, in response to the question “What’s the difference between sponsorship and mentoring?”, say that “they’re interchangeable.”  Confusion between the two is a common mistake made by both firms and individuals.  Evidence suggests that both can, in [...]

Anne Isaacs – Facing up to the Future: How To Successfully Adapt Our Careers To Fit In With Changes in Our Lives

Our Executive Director, Anne Isaacs, reflects on how we can respond successfully to the changes in our lives that affect the way we work, our career, and be flexible enough to make the best of the impermanence that characterises the modern working environment. At the risk of sounding like a voice from the Ark, the world of work has changed [...]

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