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Great leaders move us – they inspire, motivate, and energise us. How? Through Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Since Daniel Goleman’s ground-breaking book on the topic in 1995, we’ve learned a lot about EQ competencies, such as self-awareness and empathy, and about what people can do to develop them.
This workshop, facilitated by Heather Greatrex and Alina Addison, will introduce you to the ideas behind, and the value of better EQ and provide you with tools to improve it. Effective in both the workplace and home, higher EQ can help you become happier and more productive.


  • The Emotional Brain: recent neuroscience research
  • Daniel Goleman’s model of EQ
  • The concept of ‘Mood Contagion’


  • Introduction to RocheMartin’s ECR 360 model that measures EQ leadership competencies
  • How ECR builds on and compares to the Goleman model (the Leader’s Triple Focus – Inner, Other and Outer Focus)
  • The 8 basic emotions and the concept of ‘Emotional Capital’


  • Group results from the ECR Self psychometric test
  • What the scores mean in ‘the real world’
  • Group discussion, case studies and exercises exploring 3 of the 10 EQ leadership competencies relevant to the group
  • What next? – Strategies and tools to put in practice


Prior to the workshop participants will be asked to complete a 10 minute online assessment that will enable us to generate their individual Emotional Capital Report. This report is designed to provide them with a comprehensive interpretation of their leadership potential, based on key Emotional Intelligence competencies.  It will also provide them with an action plan and personal blueprint to help them in their role.


The cost of the event is £500+VAT.


If you would like to join us, or have any other queries, please contact Mary Alder-Bentley on reception@executive-action.com.

We look forward to hearing from you.