Zoë Blake


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Zoë Blake

Very few people are comfortable writing their own marketing materials, struggling with what and how much to say. An experienced editorial eye, strong visual sense and clear focus on the target audience give me the ability to be objective about what will work.

Throughout Zoë’s career, words and people have been the common threads. Following a degree in Humanities, she gained professional counselling and teaching qualifications and spent two years in Barcelona teaching English. Following a spell in marketing, she began her writing career as a freelancer for consulting companies and community groups, subsequently joining EA as a professional business writer.

She has since worked with many hundreds of clients, building their confidence and self-knowledge, clarifying their message and producing crisp and focused CVs, profiles, references, letters and website content. Zoë also carries out 360 feedback interviews and Hogan psychometric assessments. She became EA’s Communications Director in 2012.

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